Buffalo Bore .45 Auto Rim +P 225gr Hard Cast Wad Cutter

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Buffalo Bore .45 Auto Rim +P 225gr Hard Cast Wad Cutter

The 225gr. wad cutter bullet is hard cast (not lead) and is properly lubed and will not substantially lead foul your barrel even after extensive shooting sessions, nor will the bullet fragment, smear or mushroom on impact with flesh and bone, thus insuring very straight and deep penetration with a consistent crush cavity throughout its path.

This 225gr. full profile wad cutter, 45 auto rim +P, is the most deadly load ever devised for the 45 auto rim cartridge. It utilizes the same bullet as our 45 colt ANTI-PERSONNEL ammunition (Item 3I) and because of popular request to have that bullet loaded into 45 auto rim ammo, here it is. This bullet will penetrate around 30 inches in flesh and bone and makes a horrific permanent crush cavity because of its wad cutter profile. This load is the power/pressure equivalent of 45 ACP +P+ (otherwise known as 45 Super) and is safe to use in all modern 45 ACP revolvers including any post war 1917 model revolver in normal operating condition.

Operating pressure is high enough to cause somewhat sticky extraction of fired casings in titanium/scandium/aluminum cylinders. This is not the case with all steel cylinders, nor is it the case with our standard pressure version of this load. In my (see below) S&W model 325PD, extraction of fired casing was still normal, but I could barely sense that stickiness was starting—if your chambers happen to have tooling marks or any form of roughness, you could experience a greater degree of stickiness.

Flash suppressed powders are used in this ammo so the shooter will not be blinded by his own gunfire and this is a tactical advantage as roughly 95% of all civilian shootings in the U.S. happen in low light when the criminal element is at work. Plain and simple, we manufacture the highest grade ammunition for both the hunter and for Your Own Personal Defense. Our Made in Idaho Buffalo Bore Ammunition, delivers both in performance and in projectile selection. We field test our ammo in real world "over the counter" guns - not test barrels. When you pull the trigger...KNOW that You have the Ammo...That will do the Job... Strictly Business.

We do NOT accept any returns on this item.

  • Caliber: .45 Auto Rim+P
  • Bullet Weight: 225 Grain
  • Bullet Type: Hard Cast Wad Cutter
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1125 fps
  • Casing Material: Brass
  • Rounds Per Box: 20
  • Rounds Per Case: 240

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